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 Slinger's Guide to NSRCC Kranji

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PostSubject: Slinger's Guide to NSRCC Kranji   Tue Oct 11, 2011 9:03 pm

This is Slinger's famous and well sought after guide to NSRCC Kranji. Let's get this sticky'd, please.

slinger wrote:
Hole 1: left OB right water, only 270-280m, left bunker at the 100m mark, just play 170m before the bunker, u will have a huge fw than take driver cheong for the hole, fw narrowed after the 100m.......u will be left with abt 100-110m to the flag, pls dun blow your 1st hole

Hole 2: 100m-120m depending on pin position. 2 left bunkers n 2 right bunkers. Huge but flat green

Hole 3: index hole, abt 360m, dog-leg left, OB left from tee to green, hazard right, long hitter (200m above) need to aim at building left of the red lolllipod, if not sure kenna hazard. Bogey is a good score. There are too many penalties in play for this hole. Thus, managed this hole properly. Play smart.

Hole 4: 230m par4, hazard left n right, play abt 200m, left with a 20-30m chip to the hole, avoid right at all cost, if pin is blue, need to pay left fw so that the hole opens out for your approach, if right, u need to lob over a tall tree to get to the pin......i never cheong this hole

Hole 5: 80m par3, depending on wind, varies from SW-PW, but i always play 1 club more (swing easy), overclub still can find ball, if short ball is likely wet n gone

Hole 6: Par 5, shortest par 5. Left bunker is about 210m to clear, right bunker is about 200m to clear. Both bunkers will not trouble the long hitters. Can choose to layup before the 100m left bunker or go beyond the is bunker. Water is in play on the right after the 150m mark. Possible for 2 on for selected few. But conservative play is to play the 2nd shot before the greenside bunker on the left. Nice chipping area for 1 chip 1 putt.

Hole 7: Par 4 dog-leg right. Can take aim at the red lollipod for all hitters. There are 2 bunkers on the left, about 200m for the 1st bunker n 210m for the 2nd bunker. For the slicer, u can borrow the 8th hole fw, still can attack the green, provided not in the 8th hole bunker.

Hole 8: Par 4, abt 340m, straight hole with right bunker (200m) n left bunker (210-230m). Right bunker will not be in play for most hitters but there are trees lining the fw after the bunkers. Alternatively, slicers can still pass the right bunkers n borrowed the 7th hole fw. Just avoid bunkers n trees. There is a big front bunker protecting most of the green. If u choose not to cheong the green, can always layup right of the greenside bunker (make sure u have the right distance n not go into the bunker), there will be a nice chipping area waiting.

Hole 9: Par 5, longest par 5 of the course, right bunker abt 230m, there will be another fw bunker on the right (100m mark). Both sides of fw lined with trees. Make sure your ball on the fw to attackk the pin. Green is protected by left n right bunker. Avoid RIGHT bunker at all cost. This bunker can make u play a 10 if not careful.

Hole 10: par5, 230m to reach water cutting across the fw, right bunker need 210m to clear, if play 190m-200m, your fw will be very big, u need to get 2nd shot over the stream that cuts through the fw, if no confidence, just layup to the water....its ok

Hole 11: par4, left hazard right OB, long hitter (210m) can clear the bunker (pot-bunker) in the center of the fw, if not avoid this bunker, u cant attack the pin from this bunker

Hole 12: 250m-270m par 4, left hazard, right bunker at 100m and 50m from the pin, its your 2nd shot that is key, need to hold the green cos the green slope from front to back, most time ball land on but will roll out to the rough behind

Hole 13: par 4, 300m, straight hole. Just avoid left 3 bunkers. Slicers can borrow the 12th hole tee-box. Remember to shout FORE hor.

Hole 14: Par 3, 110-130m depending on the pin, left 2 bunkers, right 2 bunkers. Aim center is good.

Hole 15: Par 4, 360m, straight hole with trees lining the left n right fw. Green is protected by front left n right bunkers. Right bunker is a pot bunker. Huge undulating green. Need to putt well.

Hole 16: Long Par 4, 390m, straight hole, with trees lining the right, and water left is in play for the long hitters (220m). Huge green with right to left slope. Its ok to layup for this hole too.

Hole 17: Par 3, 140-160m, left water. Avoid left, right bunker abt 150m. If u mishit, miss to the right, then can chip in for birdie (happens a few times liao)

Hole 18: par 5, possible 2 on for the long hitters. From the tees, the right bunker abt 200-210m to cross, left bunker abt 220-230m to cross. Play smart. There are 2 more bunkers, left bunker at 80m n right bunker at 90m mark. Either choose to layup before or after the 2 bunkers. Green have left n right bunker protecting it. Huge green that slope upwards from the red n downwards to the blue pin positions.

PS: Take note of Hole 1, Hole 3, Hole 4, Hole 5, Hole 10, Hole 11 and Hole 12, those are the penalty or "snakes" holes, managed them well, then u shd be ok.......good luck hor

Clearing my Storeroom of golfing goodies. Please help support Smile

"A ball will always come to rest halfway down a hill, unless there is sand or water at the bottom." Henry Beard
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Posts : 15658
Join date : 2009-06-18
Age : 42
Location : Typically OOB

PostSubject: Re: Slinger's Guide to NSRCC Kranji   Tue Oct 11, 2011 9:04 pm

Oops, and please move this to the Golf Courses section. Doh!

Clearing my Storeroom of golfing goodies. Please help support Smile

"A ball will always come to rest halfway down a hill, unless there is sand or water at the bottom." Henry Beard
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Slinger's Guide to NSRCC Kranji
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