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 Putting drill - Speed

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Golf Professionals

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PostSubject: Putting drill - Speed   Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:20 am

I believe to be a great putter you need three things
1. Green reading skills
2. Correct alignment
3. Speed/distance control

I use this drill to determine whether a golfer can control his speed correctly.
The drill eliminates the first 2 components of putting mentioned above and gets the golfer focusing purely on speed

We predetermine the break of the putt by using a ramp or stimp meter. We roll the putts at dead weight meaning the ball just falls into the hole. An alignment stick is used to show the starting line of the putt. I also place 2 tees about the width of the hole acting as a gate to ensure the putt starts on the correct line.

We have now eliminated the first 2 components. The golfer can now focus purely on the speed. Too soft the ball will break too much, too firm the ball wont break enough. By using dead weight we effectively make the hole size bigger as if the ball catches the lip it will still fall in rather than those frustrating lip outs we all encounter.
Dead weight also ensures you will not be left with a longish putt if you do miss.

After working with the guys at Wizgolf and using their putting fitting system, the weight, length and flex of a putter are big factors in helping a player to be able to control their speed. There is also the technical part.

The boy in the video has a sound set up and technique. We will experiment with different putter combinations until we have the one that gives him the smallest dispersion in his putting speed.

Unless the putt is dead straight then without good speed control, its near impossible to hole a breaking putt

Hope this video helps


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Putting drill - Speed
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