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 Correct terminologies= correct swing concept

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Playing Professional
Playing Professional

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PostSubject: Correct terminologies= correct swing concept   Wed Nov 30, 2011 10:52 am

As we all know the most valuable learning experiences arise from interactive and 2 way communication between coach and student.

This arises when a student is able to understand the coaches golf terminology and swing philosophy.

When a coach can put all his points across to the student, he/she would then be able to have the right swing concept in their head ie( right mental imagery)

It's all too common to see confused faces staring back at their friends, unable to grasp the message that is being put across because of the incorrect terminology used.

For example. How many times have you told someone to keep their head down or keep their eye on the ball when the top a shot? However do you know you could still top the ball if you come out of posture and 'keep your head down?' And do you know you could 'look up' and hit it flush if you kept your body angles in the right place from downswing to impact? Keeping your head down could mean keeping in posture to some but for others it could merely mean stare intently at the golf ball for as long as possible.

Another classic example would be telling someone to turn their body and transfer their weight when they execute the backswing. Now turning your body is such a general term that you could turn your body is as many ways as your want. However if you told someone to 'wind up' like a baseball pitcher would and introduce words such as coil, you'd find him executing the swing much differently.

Right there I've given 2 very simple examples to show how wrong golf terminology can distort the mental imagery or as what we all know, our swing concept.

As the saying goes 'another man's poison could be another man's medicine'

Learn the right terminologies, understand your coach's swing philosophy and most importantly ensure the swing concept you have in your mind is what it should be.

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Hall of Fame Golfer
Hall of Fame Golfer

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PostSubject: Re: Correct terminologies= correct swing concept   Wed Nov 30, 2011 1:16 pm

simple and yet meaningful...well articulated Justin.

it has been proven time after time that words form lasting impressions rather than action of the swing. by action, its an emulation of an image and its certainly not something that everyone can achieve, unless its broken down in parts.

thats why its important to get the words right and the concept clear. its good fundamental that produce repeatable results. for good players, when they make a mistake, they know where they went wrong and they can correct themselves rather than stare down at their club as if its the poor 7 iron fault.


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Correct terminologies= correct swing concept
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