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 Essential Skills Workshops

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PostSubject: Essential Skills Workshops   Fri Jan 20, 2012 6:38 pm

Happy New Year Everyone!

I am really excited about the year ahead and have a few new projects that I am having a lot of fun working on.

My Essential Skills Workshop series is going to kick off again soon, I will be launching a new website in the near future, and have recently had a chance to spend some time working with a few Tour Players as they prepare for Q School and the new season.

Workshop #1 Inner Game / Essential Mental Skills: is going to kick off again on Monday, January 30 at 7:30 pm.
For those of you already know about the program and have been thinking about checking it out, now is a great time. If you don't know about the program you can check out my older post.

In a nutshell Mental Skills Workshop addresses what I believe is the biggest issue that gofers face. We all have a certain amount of ability and the potential to play to that ability, but far too often our performance on the golf course falls well short of that ability and we find ourselves saying "I know I can play better than that." Something is interfering, actually there are a lot of things interfering and it's important to know that that interference comes from the inside. Our thoughts, the decisions we make, what we concentrate on, and things like nerves or emotions are the things that are interfering with our natural abilities.

Ability - Interference = Performance

When we understand how to manage the interference, we can start to play to our abilities more consistently.

The Mental Skills Workshop is a 2 hour program that costs $75 and is great for anyone who plays on the golf course.

Workshop #2 The Essential Practice Skills: will start on Monday, February 6 and is designed to help golfers understand what to practice, how to practice, and how to get maximum return on their practice time.
Week in and week out I see the same golfers, spending hours on the driving range with very little to show for it.
Some golfers do more harm than good when they go to the driving range and for anyone who is serious about improvement, the principles of the Essential Practice Skills Workshop are very likely going to make a huge difference in your game.
I also address the three essentials that are an absolute must for any golf swing and need to be a part of any regular practice routine.

The Practice Skills Workshop is also a 2 hour program that costs $75

Both the workshops will be held regularly every third Monday at the Heartland Golf School @ Jurong Country Club.

Upcoming Schedule looks like this:
Mental Skills Workshop:
Monday, January 30
Monday, February 20
Monday, March 12

Practice Skills Workshop:
Monday, February 6
Monday, February 27
Monday, March 19

Also, keep in mind that I teach the same skill sets to anyone who takes private lessons if that is something that you have maybe been thinking about getting into.

If you want to know more about the Workshops or private lessons, feel free to send me PM.

I am really looking forward to launching my new website in about a month. It will be a great way for me to connect with golfers who might be interested in my ideas about coaching and will be another way for me to get my stuff out there. I am looking forward to doing more writing / videos / and probably quite a bit of Tweeting.

Spending time with some of the guys who are getting ready to for the 2012 Tour season has been cool.
For them the equation is the same. Ability - Interference = Performance.
For the most part, these guys all have the ability to be competitive out on tour but usually just get in their own way. Where I have been able to be helpful with those guys is by simply raising awareness of the interference (that almost always comes from within) and then shape the routines and practice habits that help them manage that interference and ultimately, play the golf that they know they are capable of. Occasionally address some technique issues but for the most part it's been about the mental game and improving what and how they practice.
I am looking forward to spending more time with some of these guys throughout the season and seeing if improved mental skills make a difference out on tour.

Ok, I think that's all for now!

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Have a great long weekend!

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Essential Skills Workshops
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