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 Beware of slow players

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Hall of Fame Golfer

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PostSubject: Re: Beware of slow players   Thu Aug 01, 2013 11:32 am

enwee wrote:
blee wrote:
enwee wrote:
simon1982 wrote:
Have you all encounter your game started late till to some tournament. and the front flight is super jam...

We were the last flight but our pace was always able to see the front flight..
After cross over to 2nd nine, general play players join in. About maybe 2 or 3 holes they were already behind our back for the 2nd shot. One hole where there is a downslope where you can't see whether there is still front flight infront unless you drive in front. Drove in front and yes there are still pple playing so I just take practice swing before my flightmates flag me to hit. Then finally behind one buggy came next to us and say "can you all hurry up take your shot anot you all so slow leh.." Me explain that there is flight in front and I just ask them to drive forward to see for themselves... nevertheless they keep saying blah blah so slow should not play lah blah blah.. where in fact the faults is not ours..

And best part we ended the game till late night 7.30pm...and this is in fact not our fault for slow...
Last wk in Sembawang, shot gun start at 1400, we did not finished until 1830....because the front was rather slow.

 Erm, 4.5hours game... where got slow?
we were almost the last flight to return...u say leh???

Most shot gun starts that I have played in normally last about 5 hours... and the longest close to 6 hours.. you  say lor... clown
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PostSubject: Re: Beware of slow players   Thu Aug 01, 2013 12:13 pm

Fastest game I've ever played is 3hrs 15mins which my flight managed once at MBGC and one other time at OCC....and my 3 flightmates were shooting high was just playing ready golf....nite golf at occ also takes only abt 3.75 - 4 hrs on average.....mostly cause everyone's playing from white tees and the course is not as busy......

But the longest game ever was 5+ hours bordering on 6 hours on a fri aft at nsrcc changi.......i spent the time productively by counting the wrinkles on my own person titleists and surprisingly realised you can tell the age of a man in this least it was true for me.....

i think having buggies sometimes slow things down as some players drive to one ball, then the driver sits in the buggy waiting for his partner to hit......then only drive off to the other ball....this generally doesn't happen on walking courses....

I think if everyone just played ready golf and consciously keep up with the flight in front, the game can easily be played in 4 hours regardless of skill level or which tee box is used.......and of course, if tee off times were appropriately spaced.....
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Junior Golfer

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PostSubject: Re: Beware of slow players   Thu Aug 01, 2013 1:21 pm

Our flight is 210pm, only manage to tee off at around 230pm to 240pm... finish game at around 730pm and this is after 2 of my flightmates give up waiting...
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PostSubject: Re: Beware of slow players   

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Beware of slow players
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