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 Exorbitant increase in NSRCC Monthly Subscription Fee and Golfing Fee

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PostSubject: Exorbitant increase in NSRCC Monthly Subscription Fee and Golfing Fee   Thu May 24, 2012 11:18 am


There is this petition going on. We are appealing via email to the Minister and MOS to intervene. Please join in and provide support. The more the merrier. Use your real name and membership number for authenticity. You can cut and paste the email below to sent out. Their email add are also in the letter. Help to spread to more friends..

Dr Ng Eng Hen (

Mr Lawrence Wong (

Exorbitant Increase in NSRCC Monthly Subscription Fee and Golfing Fee

Dear Sirs,

I am a member of National Service Resort and Country Club (NSRCC). NSRCC was set up with the noble intention of providing NSmen, who had contributed to Total Defence, a place where they can enjoy and relax with their families and friends. The fees was supposed to be affordable and competitive as a privilege for NSmen.

Recently, we were notified by the management that the fees will be increased. The intention was to keep the club financially viable. Some increases are:

Ordinary member : $25 to $40 (60% increase!)

Associate member : $30 to $45 (50% increase!)

Buggy Fee : $18 to $22 (22% increase!)

On top of that, green fee and buggy fee will also be increased. 50% and 60% increase in fees is really exorbitant by any standards. Based on estimates, subscription fees increase will enrich the coffer by $2.88 m and increase in buggy and green fee will contribute another $1.8m. All these to justify an increase of $200,000 for irrigation.

I feel that NSRCC has deviated from its primary mission. It has become a profit driven organization rather than an affordable place for NSmen to enjoy. A simple calculation will show that over a period of 5 years, other country clubs are more affordable. We do not see any advantage of joining NSRCC with all this increase in fees.

We also hope the management can be more transparent. Financial reports should be made available to members. Quantum of the increase should be justified. Benchmarking against similar clubs should be made. Memberships, subscription fees and golfing fees should be made affordable and competitive to NSmen.

I hope Dr Ng and Mr Wong can intervene on our behalf.

Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

Name :

Membership No :

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Exorbitant increase in NSRCC Monthly Subscription Fee and Golfing Fee
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