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 Golf equipment fitted from BFG review

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Senior Golfer
Senior Golfer

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PostSubject: Golf equipment fitted from BFG review   Sat Jul 14, 2012 11:57 am

Hi Eric , wanna really thank you for the conversion of my entire bag. From driver all the way to putter . You made it work superbly for me and brought me to another level in golf .

Driver : Taylormade RBZ tour 9 ( average drving distance 250 i suppose )
Wood : Titleist 3 wood 15.5 ( average 230 )
Wood : Titleist 5 wood 18.5 ( average 210 )
Iron : Miura CB-201 work well for me at that time
wedges : Miura 50,56,60
putter : oddessy black ( average 35 to 38 putt per round )

This combination my best score was like average of 74 to 78

Coverted :
Driver : Callaway Razr fit 9.5 ( increment of 10 to 15 per cent plus tighter dispersion
Wood : Callaway Razr fit 3 wood 15 degree ( increment of 10 to 15 per cent plus tighter dispersion )
hybird : diablo 3 18 degree
Iron : BFG CB-003 ( works even better than the miura in terms of feel and shaping of shot .. )
wedges : callaway wedges ( copper ) they gave a very good feedback and i could feel the ball off the groove.
Putter : ZEN ZZW ( best round of 29 putt and average putt of 29 to 35 )

This combination was so far my best . my first time playing under par although only a few time but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel .

Not forgetting the credit to BFG and zen putter.. It has never cross my mind that iron shot could be that precise with the ability to shape shot as and when you require and zen putting style with the true roll as long as you read the line the ball will roll towards the hole perfectly . Never been so confident in my putter . Recently 20ft birdie was achievable although out of 10 I had 3 or 4 and for that it's already a fantastic result. I believe with the correct weight to my current shaft I can improve even better ...

I seriously recommend those who are serious in this sports, look for Eric in BFG bukit merah . Although he is always busy but spend some time there as you will benefit ..

Hahahaha I went to bfg when Razel start working waiting to be fitted till they close shop for almost the whole week... Finally the return is rewarded ..

So dun hesitate to approach Eric. This guy knowledge is unlimited . He seems to know what I wan at times before I even tell him.. Hahahaha like fortune teller. But the main line is he manage to make me improve that much .. So 2 thumbs up Eric....
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Hall of Fame Golfer

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PostSubject: Re: Golf equipment fitted from BFG review   Sat Jul 14, 2012 10:46 pm

Thanks Jeremy but the path to greater improvement is never immediate. good thing you stuck to your gun and finish the race.

first we have to change your attitude towards equipment and what you can hit versus what you should hit. i remember well we spoke about "the back door". every golfer seems to have a back door and when the going gets back, the first one to get the blame could be the grip, the shaft or even the offset. once that was out of the way, it was easy to understand what you should use based on your average practice and play per week. your one week's game is what most folks will play in a month or a month and a half.

what make me want to help you is your clarity in what you want in the game. you have also heed our advice to play more competitive game instead of social outings and i am sure you will continue to excel further. Just like your putting, although the ZPI was something that was very comfortable in the beginning, its now 2nd nature and it will continue to make you a better player on the green.

i look forward to the day that you will reach your goal which i suspect is not too far away.

for those who need to take away from this experience, we eventually reduce the total weight and swing weight on most of Jeremy's club to ensure that he can play continuously for 4 rounds in a week.

Now if i can convince him to do other exercise such as necessary gym work and brisk walking, my mission will be completed.....haha

have a great weekend and an greater week ahead.


PS - congrats on your recent hole-in-one and for winning the SAFD Charity yesterday at Seletar with a 1 under par score.
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Golf equipment fitted from BFG review
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