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 Dangerous Encounter at Sembawang.. if i reported him what will happen to him??

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Very Active Golfer

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PostSubject: Re: Dangerous Encounter at Sembawang.. if i reported him what will happen to him??   Tue Dec 18, 2012 3:50 pm

Technospaz wrote:
sob wrote:
element17 wrote:
Had an incident that happened to me in one of the JB courses, about 3 months back.

This young guy tee'd off on a par 3 hole when we were putting on the green! No freaking way it would have been ok for him to do so. The ball landed just off the fringe.

Back then, I hesitated to walk up to him for an apology, thinking that he might be new and wasn't sure what he was supposed to do. But thinking back now, I felt really pissed and should have had him complained. My kaki did say though that this is in Johor, so it probably didn't matter and they would just have let him go with a verbal warning that's all.

He has no right to tee off on a par 3 hole if you are on the green, I would have gone ballistic if it happen to me. Evil or Very Mad

Unless it's a call-on hole which I'm guessing wasn't the case here.

Call on also must make sure the flight in front is off the greens and aware of incoming balls.
Dang I got hit twice and trust me it ain't fun, both times by the same guy on different days..
I think he was trying to tell me something. lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Dangerous Encounter at Sembawang.. if i reported him what will happen to him??   Tue Dec 18, 2012 4:19 pm

encountered a flight of hulligans at ponderosa once. Made alot of noise. Shouting all sortsa vulgarities. One look at them and was greeted with a "KWAH SIMI @#%$#"... ignored them. Told my flightmates to keep cool and ignore them. look like they're trying to pick a fight. my fren was trying to putt as they continued shouting and making alot of noise on the next tee box. my fren couldn't take it and shouted.. "OI!!!! SHUT UP!!!"

to my horror.. 2 of them! mid 40s. came running towards us with their drivers in their hands!! but luckily they were all bark no bite! and the marshall came to our rescue. Sadly.. they sounded like Singaporeans. Hai.

Then 2 weeks ago at Tanjong Puteri B course. a group of Hong Kongers behind us. Kept tee-ing off while we were waiting to take our 2nd shot on the fairway!

1st time.. i was like.. "WT..." shouted back at them, but no apology or anything.
2nd time.. ball landed 20M behind us. heard the thumb and shocked. my fren shouted at them again. still no reaction from them.
3rd time. again teed off and ball landed and came to a stop a few meters from me.

I wanted to go confront them, but my flight mate was worried to have another "encounter" similar to what i mentioned above.

So the next chance i had... i walked over to them and told them very calmly and nicely.. "guys.. i would really appreciate it if you'd not tee off while we're still on the fairway! thanks"

and they never did it again. Razz
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Dangerous Encounter at Sembawang.. if i reported him what will happen to him??
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