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 Success Stories

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Golf Professionals
Golf Professionals

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PostSubject: Success Stories   Mon Jul 01, 2013 10:06 am

Here are a couple of recent success stories from some of my students. I post this because I find that far too often golfers are working the wrong thing(s) or trying to do too many things at the same time. It's quite likely that you, me, everyone has a number of things that they are doing wrong, in fact between your swing, your mental game, and your tactical approach, you might be doing 20 things wrong. The important thing when considering how to improve your golf game is to identify and understand, what's the one thing that is most critical and by improving that one thing will give you the biggest improvement?

Because how many things can you really work on at once?

Keep it simple, identify your most critical error and work on that until it's better. Once you've got that one figured out, move on to the next big one.
You'll be a better golfer!

May, 2013
When Kelvin and I sat down before our first lesson to discuss what he was looking for, he said that he regularly shot scores between 95 and 105, with 95 being his personal best. He wanted to start by clarifying a few things that he didn’t understand about his golf swing so he could clear his head of a whole bunch of swing thoughts. A video session revealed that Kelvin was making a critical error that made it almost impossible to produce solid contact or a repeatable ball flight. We addressed the issue and made sure that Kelvin understood what to practice and how to practice it. He worked very hard over the next few lessons and during practice and it was only a few weeks later that he shocked himself and his golfing buddies by shooting an amazing 81!

June 2013
Mike practiced and played a few times every week but had yet to shoot less than 50 on 9 holes and told me he desperately wanted to break 100. During our first lesson it was obvious to me that his balance was all over the place, so much so that if he did happen to hit the center of the club face it was out of sheer luck. In my opinion there was no way to for Mike to improve without first addressing this critical balance issue. It was all about becoming aware of where he experienced that sense of balance (in his feet) and directing his attention and concentration to his feet throughout the entire swing. His balance and his ball striking improved almost instantly and it was the very next day that he shot a back 9 score of 44. A new personal best by a long shot!

Happy CANADA DAY everyone!
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Success Stories
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