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 Oakley CarbonPro Shoes.

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PostSubject: Oakley CarbonPro Shoes.   Thu Oct 03, 2013 6:03 pm

Oakley CarbonPro Shoes Review

Had been looking around for another pair of shoes to back up my ageing Oakley Super Drive that I have been wearing for 2 years, and being an Oakley fan, I instinctively went to check out what Oakley has to offer for 2013. Was looking at getting a pair of Oakley Cipher 2 shoes initially but changed my mind cos I still prefer to have spikes!

Oakley’s CarbonPro shoes was the final choice and its my best choice of shoes yet!

Just a little background, Oakley has been dabbling in golf products since more than 5 years ago but in 2012, Oakley really kicked into high gear. With the signing of Zach Johnson and Bubba Watson in 2013, Oakley has set itself on the serious side of golf apparels!

Before buying the CarbonPro shoes, I did some research online as to what these shoes are about. These are some of its features;

  • 1.4mm premium waterproof full–grain leather
  • Red Code Plus technology for tuned shock attenuation
  • Ortholite® insole
  • Abrasion resistant outsole of injection molded polymer
  • Performance Insert System (PINS) – low profile cleat system
  • Antimicrobial treatment for odor control
  • Two–year limited warranty on waterproofing

The guy in the vidz below explains the features better than I ever will about the CarbonPro shoes.

But nothing prepared me for these shoes when they arrive. Its pure class straight out of the box. To say these shoes are well made will be short-changing it. Its extremely well made.

The next thing I keyed in on was the spikes using the PINS. For those who don’t know what PINS stands for, it stands for Performance Insert System, originally licensed to Adidas for 3 years.  They are basically a low profile cleat system that keeps you closer to the ground for better stability. There are 9 spikes on each shoe and the spikes firmly plant me on any surface –whether it is range mat or on the turf.

The traction that the PINS together with Oakley’s Coreflex sole technology offer is outstanding. I never once had a situation where I lost my footing during the swing. It was raining on the day that I had the CarbonPro on for my game. Everywhere was thoroughly wet so it was a good opportunity to put the grip to the test. Suffice to say that Oakley has created a pair of shoes that lived up to the hype of unmatched stability! These shoes grip the turf very well, allowing me to still swing full even when the turf is soaked.

From grip outside the shoes to grip inside the shoes; Oakley added an innovative idea to the heels of each insole called Octostick. This idea works wonders. Not only the heel-cups cradle my heels perfectly, the Octostick pretty much holds my feet in place throughout the 18 holes. No socks slippages anymore. Its really quite amazing how little ideas work so well.

I was impressed right away with how comfortable these shoes were when I first wore them. The leather felt firm to the touch when holding the shoes in my hand, but I didn’t get that feeling after putting them on. They really seemed to flex and contour to my foot quite nicely. The toe area of the CarbonPro is on the average width, so if you have broader feet, there is a wide version. For my past Adidas shoes, I had to get the super wide version but with these shoes, the regular version fits fine.

When using the CarbonPro golf shoes during play it almost felt like I wasn’t wearing golf shoes. They felt like they were part of me. I felt more connected to the ground during my swings. Due to the rain, buggy was on track and I had to walk across the fairway rather often. After 18 holes, I am still bouncing around without sore feet. The Red Code Plus technology really performs!

Did I mention that these shoes are waterproof as well? As it turns out, the rain was a good test and my feet stayed dry all day.

Style & Weight
For all the technology Oakley put into these shoes, the shoes still remain pretty light. Heavier than the Adidas Adizero Tour but lighter than most others. I am sure the light weight has something to do the carbon fiber shanks found in the soles. I am happy with it, beats dragging a pair of heavy shoes around 18 holes anytime.

Stylistically, the CarbonPro was a pretty easy sell for me. I got a pair with purple colorways. It doesn’t look like traditional golf shoes but yet not too futuristic styled. Colors were not too loud as well (saved for the Gold version which has been discontinued), making it easy to match clothes.

I also liked how the CarbonPro sits closer to the ground than most traditional golf shoes. While we’re certainly not talking about what you’d call a barefoot platform, the design strikes a balance between spikeless barefoot and traditionally heavy cleated designs. If the idea of being more connected with the ground, but don’t want to give the stability of a traditional golf shoe attracts you, the CarbonPro provides a best of both worlds.

Final Thots
As I mentioned above, the Oakley CarbonPro presents an intriguing best of 2 worlds for the golfer who want something that puts him a bit more in touch with the ground, but isn’t ready to give up the traction and stability of a traditional golf shoe. The light weight design reduces a substantial amount of fatigue for the walking golfer, and does so while increasing grip and comfort.

At $399 in CEDS, the CarbonPro is definitely not cheap, in fact its cutthroat. I got mine from US eBay for much lesser than ½ the retail price. For tour level shoes from a weekend warrior’s perspective, the CarbonPro has exceeded my expectation. Oakley has obviously poured a lot of technology into these shoes and my previous shoes have just been replaced!

P.S. I do not work for Oakley but yes I am biased towards the brand! Haha.
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PostSubject: Re: Oakley CarbonPro Shoes.   Thu Oct 03, 2013 10:40 pm

Can get it from here;

I got my golf bag from here! cheers!
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PostSubject: Re: Oakley CarbonPro Shoes.   Thu Oct 03, 2013 11:27 pm

Wah... The laces a bit off... Actually the Color combi... Hmmmm....
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PostSubject: Re: Oakley CarbonPro Shoes.   

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Oakley CarbonPro Shoes.
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