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 VIDEO: You Have Many Swing Speeds

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Titleist Staff

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PostSubject: VIDEO: You Have Many Swing Speeds   Tue Aug 26, 2014 1:16 pm

It’s a fact. Every golfer has more than one swing speed.

Think about the last round of golf you played and you’ll quickly realize that you hit a number of different shots all at varying swing speeds.

From a half-wedge or a full-wedge shot, to an approach shot with a 5-iron or 8-iron, or a tee shot, every shot is going to have a different swing speed. This is an important concept of golf ball development and it’s why we design golf balls to perform on every shot.

“A golf ball must perform for all golfers of all swing speeds on all shots,” says Titleist Golf Ball Fitting Manager Mike Rich.

“Titleist golf balls perform for all swing speeds on all shots.”

At Titleist, we also spend a lot of time with golfers of all skill levels testing golf balls and capturing launch condition data to help us learn even more about all of the different shots that golfers are hitting throughout their rounds.

It’s these experiences working with real golfers and listening to them talk about what they are looking for in golf ball performance that fuels our passion to help golfers shoot lower scores.

We hope this video was educational and will ultimately help you improve your game. Feel free to share any questions you may have or comments below. 

Titleist Singapore

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Junior Golfer
Junior Golfer

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PostSubject: Re: VIDEO: You Have Many Swing Speeds   Tue Aug 26, 2014 4:57 pm

Does that meant moving forward Titleist only producing one type of ball?
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Junior Golfer
Junior Golfer

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PostSubject: Re: VIDEO: You Have Many Swing Speeds   Tue Aug 26, 2014 5:19 pm

Does all the titleist balls have the same spin rate? i.e. from pro v to 2 piece balls ( I think it is DT solo)

The advert seems to indicate that all players should play the pro v balls. I can understand where they are coming from. Their basis to determine the type of ball used is from the approach shot and not from the driver shot, thus spin is the key word.

So does it mean that they will now only produce 1 type of ball? Their current range of balls (pro v, dt solo velocity, NXT and etc) seems to be in off alignment with what they are saying.

Don't get me wrong here, they have produced excellent balls and will continue to be in the front runner seat with their dedication.

Where another brand (which i won't mention here), seems to advocate "use ball A if your swing speed is ???, use ball B of the same brand if your swing speed is ????"

This is very confusing!!!!!! But I will still enjoy golf socially.

By the way, it was a good video.
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PostSubject: Re: VIDEO: You Have Many Swing Speeds   

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VIDEO: You Have Many Swing Speeds
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