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 Odyssey Putter - Models vs Prices (CONFUSED)

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Newbie Golfer
Newbie Golfer

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PostSubject: Odyssey Putter - Models vs Prices (CONFUSED)   Tue Mar 30, 2010 12:24 am

Anyone able to tell me the relationship bet Models vs Prices?
For Instance: White Hot XG/ White Hot Tour/ White Hot Ice/ Black Series (Supposedly the most premium).

Take Odyssey #2 Putter as a comparable, I visited a few golf shops for this model.
The prices can vary from $500 (Black Series) to $150 only.

Any justification for the price variations?

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PostSubject: Re: Odyssey Putter - Models vs Prices (CONFUSED)   Tue Mar 30, 2010 12:34 am

Old models are often much much cheaper...

Eg, Odyssey white hot tour were going at $159 at Pan West as they trying to clear old stock.
So for beginners like me, I will go for older models as the product claimed advancement of the new technology and improvements will make little difference to me.
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Super Active Golfer
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PostSubject: Re: Odyssey Putter - Models vs Prices (CONFUSED)   Tue Mar 30, 2010 1:11 am

there is a difference between the white hot tour and the white ice models though. the insert on the white hot tours are really soft and they don't give much feel. whereas the white ices are noticeably firmer. they don't really differ in price as well. i saw the white ices going for 250 at suntec PW.

i find the black series tour a bit too firm though. the click you get when you hit the ball is super loud. haha
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Senior Golfer
Senior Golfer

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PostSubject: Re: Odyssey Putter - Models vs Prices (CONFUSED)   Wed Mar 31, 2010 8:36 am

Product Line:
The Black series is supposedly positioned as the top of the line for Odyssey. The pricing therefore is like that for Lexus in Borneo Motor (you can almost relate white hot and white ice to Toyota). They "justified" the price with "better" material (e.g. tungsten weight) and better finish. Ultimately, I would say it is personal.

Similary for the white hot tour, the material and finish (bronze finish) is slightly diff from the standard odyssey white hot xg. This series was supposedly on tour use, until the black series was introduced to the tour.

The white ice is the new boy on the block, boosting of a new firmer insert (the inserts for the other three felt the same). But the newest feature is the interchangeable weights (only for some models). Hence, the price is higher for those.

Model No:
The different models differ in the terms of the head shape, balance and sometimes, weight (e.g. #1 and #2 are blades, #9 is heel shaft). The 2-ball is a series by itself among the product, and there are different models within too (eg. blade, CS and V-line).

These model are quite standardized among the four series. Btw, there is a also a Odyssey divine series, among others. Go see their website.

Price diff among models? For the new white ice, the price diff is in the interchangeable weights (some models do not have it - think the V-line and blades). Hence, they are lower in price. Otherwise, the price diff is mainly due to demand. Blades and the 2-balls are generally more popular, hence, may be priced slightly higher.

Note: This is just my personal observation. May not be 100% correct. I also not employee for odyssey.

Bottomline, find one that you are comfortable, both in terms of feel, look and price.
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Course Marshal
Course Marshal

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PostSubject: Re: Odyssey Putter - Models vs Prices (CONFUSED)   Wed Mar 31, 2010 9:18 am

Not an employee? Could've fooled me Kopi O. Smile

Very extensive knowledge of the Odyssey line, well researched and informatively distilled to a single post.

I like the first generation Black series #2. Well balanced and a decent milling except they used decals for the back cavity and neck instead of milling in the words and branding. A victim of mass production perhaps?

Never did get used to soft inserts, I'm kind of old school and like the firmer feel and click of a steel face. I've always found their inserts to deaden the feel of putter impact and sound. Plus, in our climate where the greens aren't really as fast as in temperate climates, insert putters for the amateur just don't make sense, they just make me work harder. Think Odyssey finally listened as evidenced by the White Ice line with firmer inserts (still not for me).
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PostSubject: Re: Odyssey Putter - Models vs Prices (CONFUSED)   

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Odyssey Putter - Models vs Prices (CONFUSED)
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