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 Do i need a 3 wood?

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Course Marshal
Course Marshal

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PostSubject: Re: Do i need a 3 wood?   Tue Apr 27, 2010 1:39 pm

Hi Alex,
wedges wise, no need to rush into a lob wedge yet. take time to feel your game i.e if you are a lob shot or chip and run player around the greens. At the start I committed to a 60 lob wedge with low bounce thinking I can hit those beautiful lob shots consistently. But lo and behold, this club gave me so much heartaches on the course that eventually kept it in cold storage for a while I focus on my chip & run with SW and PW which to my delight now is my preferred shot around the green. Thus most days now, I employ more of my SW & PW instead of the 60 wedge.
Just for sharing. Laughing

p.s me still practising my lob shots at the range though. Once in a blue moon, will deploy for use on course. Razz
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Very Active Golfer
Very Active Golfer

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PostSubject: Re: Do i need a 3 wood?   Wed Apr 28, 2010 2:35 pm

Hey Alex,

In my humble opinion, please do not be confused to all the opinions you have read.
All of them are right and it's still your commitment to the game of Golf that will more or less decide if you should get one.

For me, a 3 wood is a Must!
As others have pointed you can used it off the tee or used it for your 2nd or 3rd shot specially if you are playing on long championship course.

Here is one scenario why you must learn to used it....

2 or 3years ago, I think it was the US Open. Angelo Cabrerra had a defective driver ( I believe it was a Ping Rapture ) so he used his 3 wood for those off the tee shot and for those par 5 fairway.

Hitting a 3 wood is actually easier than the driver becoz its shorter.
In my case, if my golf shot goes wayward "Hook" or is in disarray etc.
I would instead used my 3wood until I get the correct timing and swing tempo.

For your wedge.
I would suggest you used a 52* for your approach and 58* for your Lob shot & bunker shot.

I maintain a 4degree gap between my scoring clubs: Wedge

IMHO, 58* is better instead of 60*?
With a 58* wedge, you can either adjust your lie angle to 56* or open it 2* to make it 60*. Making your 58* more versatile.

A 60* is a wonderful scoring club but sometimes, it may fly too "high"
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Super Active Golfer
Super Active Golfer

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PostSubject: Re: Do i need a 3 wood?   Wed Apr 28, 2010 2:43 pm

or do what i use do, carry 15 clubs to the course Smile and try try try. 2nd shot on par 5, try 3 wood, if fail use 19 hybrid. Make no difference if u score 110 or 120 (due to missed with 3 wood)

Its almost impossible to train 3 wood at the range and translate to the course.

2x drivers
1x 3 wood
1x 19 degree hybrid
1x 23 degree hybrid
6x iron (5-PW)
3x wedge (52, 56, 60)
1x putter

initially carry 16 clubs (4 iron)

now down to 14 clubs liao
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PostSubject: Re: Do i need a 3 wood?   Wed Apr 28, 2010 3:43 pm

Hi Alex,

My personal journey ...

First 7 or 8 months, I teed off with 3 hybrid (19 degree) basically because it was easier to learn how to get good contact, both off the tee and off the deck. It became a really useful club and I still use it for most 2nd shots for a Par 5.

When I first got my 3 wood, took a while (2-3 weeks) to learn how to use it off the tee, but once I did, it soon became my automatic choice to tee off with (except) for Par 3s. However, learning to hit it sweetly off the deck is something I am still working at.

About 2 months ago, after re-shafting my driver, I finally have a relatively reliable drive, so the 3 wood does not come out so much. However, for tighter fairways, or where there is trouble exactly where my driver range is, I still pull out the 3 wood.

My personal feeling is that as clubs get longer, they are a little harder to control, so working your way up to them might work for you (it certaintly did for me).

As for the wedges, I bought a 60 degree quite early, but only use it for bunker shots at Marina Bay, I replace it when I play other courses (or just leave in the bag if not betting). Tried using it for approach shots, but after blading it too many times (and almost killing the flight at the next tee) decided on a safer way to play approach shots (i.e. 50 or 56 wedge with smaller swing).

For the other wedges, someone earlier gave really sound advice to check the specs of your pitching wedge. In some sets, it can be as strong as 42 Degrees, e.g. TM XR08. That will probably influence the loft of the "Gap" wedge that you want to buy.

My 2 cents.

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PostSubject: Re: Do i need a 3 wood?   

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Do i need a 3 wood?
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