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 Golf Ball Fitting According to Titleist

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PostSubject: Golf Ball Fitting According to Titleist   Wed May 19, 2010 8:30 am

Selecting the best golf ball for your game is important, because it's the only piece of equipment used for every shot in your round. It is individually based upon the personal performance preferences by each golfer and the most effective place to be fit for a golf ball is on a golf course.

Golf ball selection should take into account the golfer's entire game green-through-tee, and for most golfers, a priority should be placed on scoring performance into and around the green. Many golfers tested are surprised to see and experience how subtle differences in golf ball performance, as well as improved control with short game scoring shots can help them to lower their scores.

Less than a decade ago, most golf balls played on the the major professional tours were a poor fit for the vast majority of amateur golfers. While Tour players benefited from the spin and exceptional soft feel of wound balata golf balls, these were not the best performing for most golfers due to poor durability, as well as high driver and iron spin.

Since most average golfers produce unintentional hook or slice sidespin, playing with a wound balata golf ball often resulted in excessive sidespin for reduced accuracy and shorter distance. The short game advantage of the scoring spin was not enough to offset the sacrifices in durability, accuracy and distance for most amateurs. Tour players and highly skilled golfers did not suffer the durability or direction sacrifices, and were willing to trade off some driver distance for improved scoring spin.

The golf balls played today on the professional tours are, in fact, the best fit for most amateur golfers. Golfers no longer have to trade distance and durability attributes for spin, feel and control into and around the green. Today's solid, multi-layer urethane-covered constructions, like the Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x, provide the long game performance of a two-piece distance golf ball and the short game performance of a wound balata golf ball.

Golf ball fitting should be conducted from green-to-tee, rather than solely rely on launch monitor data derived with a driver. Tee shots with a driver represent approximately 14 of the 70, 80 or 90 or more shots hit per round. Maximizing driver distance only demonstrates what golf ball you hit the longest off the tee. It will not by itself assist the golfer in lowering his or her score.

The #1 goal for almost all golfers, whether they are Tour Players, Serious Amateurs or Recreational golfers, is to shoot lower scores. Whether they are in a competitive tournament, a friendly game or trying to beat their personal best round, golfers want to lower their score.

Based upon extensive research conducted around the world, over 70% of the respondents identified short game performance as the primary area of their game that would help them achieve lower scores. As a result, most golfers would be best fit by choosing a golf ball based on its performance into and around the green, with driver distance serving as a secondary consideration.

Please visit to learn more and to try our interactive selection tool

Titleist, Singapore
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Golf Ball Fitting According to Titleist
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