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 rumor: LPGA potential 'cheating' episode

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PostSubject: rumor: LPGA potential 'cheating' episode   Tue Aug 31, 2010 8:58 am

gotten this fm so whats the penalty for playing the wrong ball? Do we just continue and get stroke penalty or do we re-play fm the original spot or...?

Quote :

Ahn and Chung were playing with Danielle Downey. On the final hole, both Ahn and Chung hit their ball into the fairway. Each played shots into the green, with Ahn missing the green and Chung hitting it in regulation. Each player made par. Then the incident turns into a rules problem.

Here’s where things get interesting. Long-time LPGA caddie Larry Smich -- attributing the account to what he "heard" -- said on his Life on Tour blog that when Ahn hit her par putt, she noticed that she had played the wrong ball and talked with Chung in Korean, after which both players went into the scoring tent and signed their cards. Smich also says that Ahn told her caddie, “You didn’t see anything.” (Ahn’s caddie last week was a temp who usually loops on the Nationwide Tour, according to Smich.) Waggleroom’s Ballengee looked into the story further, and found out that Smich’s source for the story was Ahn’s caddie. Ballengee, who’s on this one like Bob Woodward with sunscreen, also spoke to a second source who said that Downey’s caddie was going to blow the whistle on Ahn and Chung before the two women fessed up:
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PostSubject: Re: rumor: LPGA potential 'cheating' episode   Tue Aug 31, 2010 9:07 am

Extracted from>>

"In most cases, playing the wrong ball results in loss of hole in match play and a two-stroke penalty in stroke play. The only exception is when a golfer takes a swing at a wrong ball that is moving in water inside a water hazard.
In stroke play, the offender must go back and replay any shots with the correct ball.

A player whose ball was incorrectly played by a competitor or partner should play a ball as close to the original spot as can be determined.

In stroke play, a competitor can be disqualified if the mistake of playing a wrong ball is not corrected before teeing off from the next teeing ground."

Since in this case, both players have left the field and signed on the cards, both should be DQ'ed?

My 1 cent worth...

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rumor: LPGA potential 'cheating' episode
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