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 1970 VW Beetle for Sale on eBay [JOKE!!]

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PostSubject: 1970 VW Beetle for Sale on eBay [JOKE!!]   Fri Feb 11, 2011 7:27 am

This is freakin' hilarious!!

The questions, in particular, are of the LOL-kind!

Quote :
Q: You don't offer international shipping, but would you be willing to push the car into the ocean, then give it a good hard shove in the general direction of the U.S.? Also, is the car right-hand-drive, left-hand-drive or steering-wheel-in-a-milk-crate-of-random-parts-drive?
A: Hi it is rhd, my mate is a human cannonball I coils loAd it up and fire it in the direction ofbthe good ol USA for you

Q: how much would you take for the alloys?? do you have any close up pictures of the alloys?
A: hi i will give them away free with the car if you like, i dont have any photos sorry, they are round though so they should work.

Q: Hey nice looking bug! When I was selling one a few Months back, I got a nice letter from a Ugandan Royal aide who offered to wire me $10,000 for my car and would even arrange shipping direct from my house! All I had to do was put the balance in a brown envelope and lock it in the glove box. Sadly (for me) another buyer had already viewed and bought the car, but I still have his details if you want me to pass them on to you?
A: that would be great, i could ask my uncle jamonga buo matep chachanga in zimbabwe to pick the cheque off him to make sure i dont get ripped off. I would sell it for 64000 ugandan dollars. good after noon madam.

Q: Is it true a Porsche engine just slots into the back of these?
A: yes they do but it would go so fast that all the body would fall off and you would kill yourself. let me know if you still want it.

Q: fantatsic item and looks exactly what i am after. is it water tight so i can turn it upside down and use it for my goldfish??? cheers morph
A: hi morph. i doubt it there is so much rust it would leak like a seive. you could just turn it into a bbq and cook your fish . mmmmmm

Q: Hi mate how much will u take 4 that junk of crap u got lol How bad is the floor pans? Thanks lee p.s cash waiting
A: hi lee i would swap it for a soggy doughnut and a picture of john majors mum to be honest its so awful i cant stand to look at it any more

Q: hi, is there a warranty on this? and would you be interested in a straight swap for some chickens? thanks, munkee
A: hi as with all korean built cars you will receive a 7 year/100,000 mile warranty. good idea but im not in the market for any monkeys at the moment, thanks anyway chicken x

Q: Hi, car may be rough but to my mind it's a piece of Art, would you consider my 93 Porsche Carrera 2, plus cash? Sorry no offence intended.

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1970 VW Beetle for Sale on eBay [JOKE!!]
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