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 Review : New 2011 Titleist ProV1

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PostSubject: Review : New 2011 Titleist ProV1   Mon Feb 14, 2011 8:35 pm

i have the privilege of being offered 2 sleeves of ProV1 and ProV1x to try on the green.

This is my field report of using the new 2011 ProV1 after 1 round of golf.

To start off with, i was using "used" ProV1 balls of the earlier model and supposely familiar with the ball. Recently switched to Mizuno MP balls because i couldnt land my hands on any used ProV1s...

Played @ kranji on sunday morning and it was a beautiful day for golf...

i must say that the new ball feels a bit more tough (just a little little). perhaps cos i was using used ones previously, the new ball looks more strong to me.

Off my 3 wood, the ball launches off like a rocket. I do know that ProV1s does not give you "extra" distance if swing speed is not there. This i know from gossip golf columns and is not proven. But the new ball gave me the extra 5-8m off the tee despite using my 3 wood. i drove the same distance as my flightmates and they are using drivers. On 1 hole, i even outdrove them by 20m-25m as it was such a sweet tee shot. Ball didnt show signs of wear and tear after 9 holes. Lost the ball thru a shank 4-wood shot later and i felt bad.
Did not try the ball with the Driver as i was having a field day with my 3 wood FD.

Off my irons... cos my swing is not game on that day, i feel the softness of the ball off my irons.. compared to the other balls i was using. felt good and inspiring. But did not have a good irons ball striking day. So i will give another review on this next time.

Pitching from 100m.
compliments. i did not get much roll from the ball and it just land and stop after a few small hops. i did an experiment by lobing the ball higher den my usual style and the ball rewarded me with soft landings. I tried my normal way of pitching and the ball behaved the way i wanted it. Alas, my pitching and chipping skills not there yet to make the ball spin. Just once, i hit it out of the bunker with some wrist action did the ball spin backwards.

Chipping from green side
excellent.. i feel so confident as its ProV1s!! haha. and its new!! made a few good chips and the ball behaved the way i wanted it.

The ball is expensive.. to me.. wahhahaa... can sponsor more free ones for me??? i love it..
then i can use the $$$ to change my TM Z grooves to Vokeys!!! wahahahhaahahahaaa

This is not propaganda and its a field report of my experience with the new ball. I still have 2 balls from that sleeve and cant wait for the next game on thurs kranji also to try again...

Thank you.


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Review : New 2011 Titleist ProV1
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